Let AuthEHR deliver

Complete Privacy and Complete Portability

to your EHR system

Privacy and Portability

Both are being sought - and mandated! - In the US, EU... everywhere. But those two mandates seem contradictory – right?

How can we ensure that a patient’s records are absolutely available to qualified providers when needed... ...Yet at the same time ensure that those records are absolutely protected from prying eyes of

  • Medical identity thieves
  • Litigators fishing for clients
  • Ex-spouses
  • Social media snoops
  • Prospective insurers
  • Marketers
  • Others who should not have access

It all boils down to Authenticity™.

What is Authenticity?

In a nutshell, Authenticity is Pervasive Accountability with Privacy.

AUTHENTICITY™ is the condition that exists when we have

  • Digital Signatures Everywhere backed by
  • Measurably Reliable Identity Certificates that are
  • Owned by the Person Identified and which provide
  • Privacy via Accountable Anonymity

AuthEHR ensures measurably reliable identities of both providers and patients

AuthEHR is an Authenticity Enterprise

Learn more about the Authenticity Infrastructure and about the other Authenticity Enterprises – member enterprises of The Authenticity Alliance.

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